Digital Transformation Accelerator

UALOG is a Human centric company

We promote “Humanity first” across all of our decisions

  • We believe in global talent and digital transformation.

  • We connect talents and improve our skills by working all together.

  • We build great dedicated team who works together.

Ualog Hiring process

Ualog bring the best of French and Ukrainian values to create the perfect IT bridges

Ualog is a French-based company.
We help businesses solve the problem of local talent shortage by building a cross-functional team with custom hired software engineers and benefit from our value-added services.

UALOG’s four pillars

We Believe in

Equal opportunities in the IT field and we want to promote tech professions among women by setting up dedicated 100% female IT teams

Ualog is the first IT service Center who promote dedicated women IT teams

Ukrainians are WhatsApp’s creator, PayPal co-founder, co-inventor of Wi-Fi and most notoriously, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak who has a happy Ukrainian heritage. With this legacy our desire is to promote access to IT development for Ukrainian women.


Vision and values

What’s drive us every day, in what we believe.

Ualog hiring process
In everything we do we believe in Bulding a new digital era.
We believe in unlocking frontieres, we believe in global talent and digital transformation.

The way we unlock frontiere and accelerate digital transformation it is by connecting talent and improving skills by working all together.

We just happen to make great and powerful dedicated team who works together.

Outsourcing has never been so simple.

Tristan Kaffel - UALOG

Tristan K.

Associate Director

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