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UALOG is a French IT services provider
We offer IT services solution through our Ukrainian and French offices.

Top reasons to choose IT outsourcing service center to Ukraine

Software development is one of the most popular working area in Ukraine.
Ukrainian IT industry is expected to reach $10 billion in value by 2020.
Every year more than 20,000 new profiles comes to the market.
The local software development community has grown by 27% in 2020 and currently employs over 200,000 IT specialists.

WhatsApp, Skype, Jooble, DepositPhotos, Grammarly, GitLab, PetCube, Mobalytics, Preply, Attendify, CleanMyMac, InvisibleCRM, Looksery, and Readdle was fully or partially develop in Ukraine.
Who makes Ukraine one of the most trusted and competitive IT outsourcing country in the world.

More than 80% of Ukraine’s developers have an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency.

Ukraine in International Ranking

In CEE by outsourcing volume


In CEE by the number of engineers

Colliers International

Outsourcing Market in Easter Europe

Outsourcing journal

UALOG is more than an IT service center.
We are IT bridge creator.

Thanks to our French and Ukrainian roots we take the best of this multiculture to offer you incomparable service.

Ukraine is leading the IT outsourcing sector in Europe

A Favorable Time Zone

Ukraine is only 1 hour ahead of most European countries and only 2-3 hours flight from European capital, whom makes Ukraine the perfect place for nearshoring and enables smooth communication and workflow between geographically dispersed teams.
Further more Ukraine is a visa-free country for European client. Come visiting us in Kyiv or Paris.

Best price for best quality

Compared to other easter countries, Ukraine offers competitive outsourcing rates paired with a much larger tech talent pool.

The average hourly rate for software development is within the $25–50 range. Download our pricelist for more informations about our rates

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