The UALOG hiring process lets us understand if candidates are in keeping with the clients’ needs and our values.

Our recruitment process is in keeping with our vision and our entrepreneurial spirit.
UALOG teams share the same passion for technology, just like our clients.
We are convinced the more our employees are happy, the more we are too.

Discover Ualog Hiring process

When we open a new position for one of our client we start by assessing candidates profiles.
This is the first Ualog hiring process.

After evaluate the candidate resume, our HR team will contact the talent for a first phone contact to evaluate candidate first motivation to join Ualog and if the candidate understand what a Dedicated team of developer is.
This is Ualog second hiring step.
Once the candidate has been confirmed by the HR team, he will receive two tests.
A technical test regarding the open position and an english test.
Both test are mandatory to onboard at Ualog.
It allows us to confirm the engineer skills and to be sure that he will suit with the client needs.
For the fourth step of Ualog recruiting process, the candidate will meet one of our Talent acquisition manager and one Technical team Leader.
The objective of this interview is to evaluate the candidate soft skills and to debrief about his technical and english test.
At this stage it’s all green light for Ualog.
We setup an interview with the client to confirm the match between the candidate profile and the client team and needs.
The client and Ualog validate the candidate profile.
It’s time to start the project and bring your IT project to a next level !
Ualog hiring process

Candidates start your next adventure with us.

Candidates Join us !

We’re tech lover

This passion that allows us to remain at the forefront, through an active and shared watch: we experience today the technology of tomorrow.

Work-life balance

Get the opportunity to evolve in a stable environment, in a dynamic, innovative and multicultural company who facilitate your work-life balance.

Candidates please send us your resume

Outsourcing has never been so simple.

Tristan Kaffel - UALOG

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