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Custom Software Development Company

Software development

Custom software development is at the heart of our company. We provide a large range of end-to-end software application development.

Custom Software Development Benefits

The service will fit perfectly into all your procedures and workflows, no matter how huge or sophisticated they are

Being established just for you, the customized software will cover all of your particular requirements, even in the long run, there will not be any need to spend on a license or including additional users as your business grows.

Off-the-shelf software may cover your requirements today however it’s normally challenging or extremely costly to scale. Having scalability in mind while developing your custom services enables you to grow without being kept back by your software.

Hackers are aware of the vulnerabilities of popular software application and understand where to attack. A custom-made developed software that’s just utilized by your team will have minimum possibilities of invasion.

Using various software services in a company is typically a risk to compatibility and increases the expenses and problem of upkeep. Custom-made structure software can incorporate whatever you require in only one tool, while ensuring it is 100% incorporated with other business tools.
Agile software development
IT dedicated development team

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Customized Software Development Methodologies

All of our approaches are based around a Design Thinking mindset. Every individual in our business follows these concepts and uses them to their day-to-day work.


This is our basic practice for services-oriented tasks, code, and design deliverables. Agile is ideal for projects where customer participation and the versatility to adjust to altering conditions are necessary.


Providing sophisticated projects on tight schedules is not a difficult job. Our Lean-oriented staffs work as effectively as possible and are specialists at preventing resource waste.


Following a consecutive action system, it’s a highly-structured approach that is most appropriate for projects that requiere premium requirements through a more extensive and prompt company.


Every development team is led by a qualified Scrum Master, who supervises of focusing on duties, dividing tasks effectively, and time-boxing every aspect.


How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?2020-10-23T14:32:08+02:00

First of all, you should search for IT outsourcing software development company to hire developers, it proves to be a good investment to look for companies in the most popular countries for IT outsourcing.

Then, if you decide to choose UALOG as an IT outsourcing service partner, present us your project, describe your vision to us but also the main milestones and your provisional planning.

UALOG will begin by analysing these requirements, technology challenges, and suggests the candidates.

Before hiring a dedicated software development team, UALOG will do a first selection based on the technical and language skills (all our developers speak are perfectly proficient in English).

Once we have done our selection, interview with you will be organize to confirm with you the candidates and launch your dedicated software development team.



Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?2020-09-10T14:57:14+02:00

Dedicated developers are the heart of any development project .

It is important to have skilled and experienced experts to work on your project as they ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of the product.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is not only about tech skills and knowledge, but also it brings fresh views on the project and innovative approaches, thus improving the quality of the project.

Another reason for hiring the whole team at once is that it takes less time and cost less than the traditional way of finding and hiring employees.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is especially useful when you have to build and launch a product within a short period of time but also for a long term partnership.

What Are the Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team?2020-10-23T14:33:37+02:00

Hiring a dedicated software development team is an effective way to create and launch new products or to ramp up your current production IT team

If your company lacks experts with the required skills for the project, you have to begin the recruiting process, which may take a while.

When working with outsourcing IT companies, it becomes much easier to hire a professional project team quickly.

Benefits of using an IT outsource partners can be summed up through three points

  • Gain in flexibility
  • Cost efficient
  • Tech stacks expert


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