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Delivering Agile Mobile development services

Agile Mobile Development

UALOG can provide you a Agile Mobile Development team. Building together your mobile app development team to create your native or hybrid mobile app.

Launch your Agile Mobile development project with UALOG

Your IT dedicated team of mobile developers will be recruited depending on your technical needs. Because all our team are tailor made, we closely follow up with you in terms of technology and build a team for you, according to your needs.
We deliver a tailored solution to serve your specific app need.

At UALOG we believe that every project matters. Our strong entrepreneurial expertise boosts us to create a link between people.

UALOG supports your mobile application project in a full cycle of app development

Mobile application market is a very high competitive area. Take advantage of our experience in developing native or hybrid mobile applications to speed up your release onto the market faster than your competitors.
Agile Mobile development
IT dedicated development team

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Our high-end mobile app development services

UALOG support your mobile application project in a full cycle of app development
Final consumer app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, your dedicated agile mobile development team support you in the entire mobile app development process to ongoing support.

iOS App Development

Our Ios app developers can build high-quality native apps for iOS systems aligned with your business and security requirements.
Our expertise cover all the Apple platform available, including: Iphone App Development, Ipad App Development, Apple watch App Development, Apple TV App Development.

Android App Development

When developing native app for Android, our Agile mobile development team focus on technologies such as:

Java and Kotlin

covering most of the Android operating system devices.
Discover our tech stack and our development team profiles for more.

Cross-platform App Development

We experience providing mobile app development services for multiple platforms.
An efficient way of doing this is to build on universal cross-platform frameworks such as React-native, Cordova or flutter.
Using this development way reduce costs, time-to-market and to reach more users without loss of quality.


Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?2020-09-10T14:57:14+02:00

Dedicated developers are the heart of any development project .

It is important to have skilled and experienced experts to work on your project as they ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of the product.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is not only about tech skills and knowledge, but also it brings fresh views on the project and innovative approaches, thus improving the quality of the project.

Another reason for hiring the whole team at once is that it takes less time and cost less than the traditional way of finding and hiring employees.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is especially useful when you have to build and launch a product within a short period of time but also for a long term partnership.

What is the most appropriate platform for my mobile app project?2020-10-23T14:41:29+02:00

Choosing a mobile app development platform mostly depend on your needs.
Ualog can help you to answer your questions, define your needs and support you in the development.
First you may need to answer this few questions below:

  • What will be my App target audience ?
  • What my users are waiting for regarding my App ?
  • What will be the development cost ?
  • Is a cross-platform development is secure enough for my business ?
What is the cost of mobile app development in 2020?2020-10-23T14:41:43+02:00

The cost of mobile project depends on differents factors as developer rates, project complexity, and time it takes to build.
Ualog will make the cost clear with our pay as you go monthly billing, There are no hidden costs or additional fees.
Talk to our sales consultant to find out the price of your app!

Outsourcing has never been so simple.

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