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Bringing the best of French and Ukrainian values to create the perfect IT bridges for your Development project.

About UAlog

Ualog Values

Team spirit is the main value at Ualog. We support each other, celebrate individuality, and always move together.
Alone we go faster together we go further.
Ualog is your real technical partner, together we build, test, improve, and scale.
We’re always doing our best to propel your project better, faster, & smarter
And when it’s done, we do it again.
International spirits and experiences drive us to always learn from each other than the sound of our own voices.
We take the best of each partnership to create an amazing experience
Hold On! listen and learn.

As a trusted technical partner and regarding ou transparency policy it sometimes happen that we are stuck and fail on some problems but we always learn from our mistakes and always come back stronger.
Never give up is the way of working of our remote dedicated teams.

About UAlog
About UAlog

Our mission

UALOG Mission is to become a trusted technical partner for our clients to achieve their business goals with cross-industry experience and technological excellence, but also to reveal the untapped IT talent in East Europe and promote a true social impact in Ukraine.

Entrepreneurial mindset create by our amazing teams

About UAlog

A perfect life balance

At Ualog, we believe that our employees are at the heart of the company. Mental and environmental health are just as important to us as our core mission – having a positive impact on society.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

As entrepreneur we understand how people we are working with are important.
Our desire is to create a link between people and their environment, we always invest in people to promote and develop their knowledge and experiences.

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